Marble flooring styles are implemented by our master craftsmen in the marble, granite, travertine or porcelain.

The stone medallions have been engineered to fit into stone floorings or hardwood floors.You may personalize any water jet marble styles with the aspects from various other floor covering medallions or borders.

Waterjet stone medallion are made by Venice Tile & Marble by cutting all-natural stone slabs with a waterjet, assembled as tight as possible on a solid backer. Stones are polished as well as sealed and there are no gaps or grout in between specific pieces.

You do not need to worry about cleansing the grout or matching grouts in color. The availability of computerized waterjet equipment allows us to cut stone to extremely close tolerances. The instance below illustrate the specific positioning of inlay components.

Natural stone is a product of nature and varies in color, veining, and shielding from floor tile to floor tile. This is part of the beauty of using natural stone and is what makes your natural stone flooring special.

Mosaic medallion are made from small stones, tiles or glass pieces constructed along with grout gaps. It’s normally attached to mesh on the back. Gaps in between items have to be filled with grout. Medallions bigger in size are more difficult to manage as the medallion is not solid; instead they are extra adaptable like a “pizza.” Parts may separate and also get lost en route or handling.
Floor tile medallions are made from cutting standard off-the-shelf ceramic, porcelain or travertine tiles. These medallions are generally shipped as a set of classified, precut tiles to be assembled on-site. The installer will certainly have to place grout between the tiles and also put together the pieces. Medallions will have appear lines crossing the surface. Solid stone items are very heavy and fragile, vulnerable to breakage in transit as well as handling, and expensive to deliver.