Kitchen Renovation

Prior to you start as well as embark on a kitchen remodel, think about what your dream kitchen looks like. Even if your budget does not extend to a total gut job, you can incorporate basic design modifies that rearrange the space based on how you use it.

A cramped, improperly developed, and also outdated kitchen makes the most passionate of cooks avoid the space. On the other hand, a thoughtful remodel can make a cooking area not only functional but also enjoyable to be in, whether you’re cooking supper on a weeknight or hosting a party for the holidays.

Basic Layouts

Small kitchen area remodels might not touch the design of a kitchen, however larger renovations could potentially see cabinets, appliances, and accessories being full reorganized. If your ideal layout is a totally various arrangement than the existing setup, be prepared for a significant cost to support it. Changing standard kitchen layouts often calls for renovating the electric and plumbing, both expensive work. Consider what fundamental format you ‘d like for the kitchen area:


Also called a walk-through or corridor-style kitchen, a galley kitchen is characterized by two parallel walls or lines of cabinets and countertop with a pathway in between them. If there’s only one wall, it’s a one-wall or Pullman kitchen.


As the name indicates, L-shaped kitchens develop an “L” with two adjacent wall surfaces or with a counter peninsula expanding from a wall.

Double “L”:

A double L is an L-shaped kitchen with an island that is additionally in the form of an L. Typically, the two Ls are expected to create an open center area.


U-shaped kitchens create a “U” or horseshoe form and can be formed with three full-height walls or with 2 walls and a peninsula.
Regardless of which layout you select, keep the important “kitchen triangle” in mind. This is the well-worn path you make between the fridge, the oven and the sink, none of which needs to be more than 6 feet far from each other. The tighter this triangular, the more reliable you can be as a chef.


Of course, the path shouldn’t be too tight. Keep your walkways a minimum of 36 inches wide, with the space in the cooking areas at least 42 inches wide if there’s frequently one cook in the cooking area, or 48 inches wide for 2 cooks.