Stone wall bathrooms add texture, color and also pattern with a modern rustic appeal that is extremely all-natural and eco-friendly yet luxurious at the same time. Stone is an excellent material for to design your bathroom with, it is long-lasting and very easy to discover.

There are a range of finishes that can be put on dimension stone to achieve diverse architectural as well as aesthetic impacts. These finishes include, however are not limited to polished and refined finishes, and much more textured finishes such as bush-hammered, sandblasted, and thermal. There are many ideas on how to apply stone right into your bathroom style scheme, such as a floor to ceiling accent wall surface, stone floor covering, stone countertops, stone showers, a stone wall above a built-in bath tub, the options are limitless. Stone bathtubs look impressive and cozy, therefore do the washbasins. Rough stone produces a rustic atmosphere with an all-natural twist as well as smooth stone includes luxury and elegance.

We have created a collection of striking bathrooms that feature all-natural stone wall surfaces that will certainly help you begin on a new bathroom or renovating an existing one.

Your bathroom design should reflect the feeling of a private, stress-free sanctuary. Using natural stone slabs for the flooring or walls is superb for creating a luxurious bathroom with a spa-like appearance. Unsure what the very best material for your bathroom is? Keep reading to learn more about each stone type.


Marble is an all-natural stone that can be an elegant option for bathroom floors, backsplashes, vanity tops and tub surrounds. Marble in a polished surface is shiny and has a tendency to be slippery, so be cautious about where it’s positioned. For a bathroom flooring, an honed surface might be preferable. Marble slabs can be found in a variety of colors, from classic white to magnificent black. Choosing neutral tones will certainly permit you to change small bathroom accents that will easily enhance each other.


This layered prominent stone has transparent high qualities, making it a special bathroom enhancement. It is best used for vanity tops, wall surface panels and also bathtub surrounds. Onyx stones generally have remarkable veining, giving them a really natural look. Backlit options are available for a more dramatic look. The unique design makes this stone a work of art with itself.


Limestone is a sandy stone that’s offered in quite a few natural colors ranging from beige to grey. The stone can be honed to produce a matte finish, but beware of its absorbing nature. Due to this, knowing the proper cleaning is important for maintaining it well maintained. It is essential to use a great sealer on your limestone surfaces and avoid any kind of acid-based cleaners.


Travertine is a form of limestone, which is why you’ll discover their traditional color selections to be very similar. This, together with its natural matte finish, provides it a rustic yet sophisticated look that can be extremely versatile, enabling you to have fun with the rest of the bathroom design. Large slabs of travertine are best fit for walls and also counter tops.


Granite is a preferred choice for bathroom counter tops and bath tub surroundings. It comes in a wide range of colors as well as often has the appearance of numerous color flecks. It is an extremely durable all-natural stone that is difficult to stain or scratch. Granite typically can be found in a polished or leather finish and helps develop a luxurious feel to any kind of bathroom.

Because all-natural stone slabs come in a variety of different materials, finishes and also coloring, your opportunities are practically endless when attempting to develop an unique look for your bathroom. It is smart to have it professionally installed, as you wish to make sure the work is done right