Semi-Precious Stone

From Amethyst to Malachite, Tiger's Eye, and Lapis Lazuli, these semi-precious stone choices change casework into gems fit for a King or Queen.

semi-precious stone is a mix of gemstones such as quartz, amethyst, agate, tiger’s eye, hematite and also jasper, procedure and put together in all their magnificent colors right into big slabs. Distinguished by their rarity, transparency and brightness, semi-precious stones add a striking aesthetic.

The best quality onyx, and semiprecious material are bonded to numerous glass options for a consistent, structurally sound application, with even light penetration. Whether LED backlighting or traditional incandescent lighting alternatives are chosen, our Designer Series stone panels changes instantly to works of art.

 Agates and substance slabs have the ability to be custom created in numerous pattern options, from basic linear to more natural and specific patterns and backings to match your application. A lot of these stones are available for backlighting functions, and can be made available for use in nearly every available stone veneer panel provided by StoneSheets Materials.

These are the specific same stones discovered in semi-precious jewelry, absolutely fit for royalty. Other stones are offered for the most exquisite tastes, such as sapphires, garnet, rubies, opals, and also traditional black onyx, as well as other stones not shown right here. Ask your representative today for help incorporating semi-precious stones right into your designs. Please enable significant time for these stones, as custom removal is nearly always needed.

Amethyst Precious

Blue Tigers Eye Precious

Blue Agate

Brown Agate

Brown Petrefied Wood

Compound Amethyst

Gold Abalone

Gold Opal

Gold Tigers Eye

Grigio Agate

Green Marcusite

Lapis Lazuli Precious

Lapis lazuli

Madreperla bianca

Madreperla nera

Malacchite verde

Moss Agate

Onice Rosa

Red Petrefied wood

Rose Quartz

Rosso Matisse

White Opal

White Petrefied Wood

Tiger Iron